“AMTOL PHARMA IMPORTS will be a successful pharmaceutical importations and distribution company that aims to provide high quality and innovative products and swift, quality service to our customers.”


“We will be the best in sourcing quality and innovative products that will be sought after by reputable distributors and the medical community thereby delighting our customers and giving fair returns all stakeholders.”

Our Officers & Staff.


Art started his career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1984. He has worked with UPJOHN Inc., Pharmacia and Upjohn and Pharmacia. Having risen from medical representative to National Sales Manager , his vast experience will help guide AMTOL and its affiliates to achieve its mission and vision.


Tess studied accountancy and is responsible that AMTOLs assets are placed strategically in order to support the company’s thrust in this highly competitive industry. She is in charge of the daily recording of all transactions to ensure that the company is financially healthy.

JOCELYN C. COSGAFA - Trade Pharmacist

Joc is responsible for all regulatory requirements from the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) and for the requirements for importation of all the products. She directly coordinates with all principals and in coordination with the CEO ensures a healthy product pipeline for the company.

ENRIQUE B. MEJIA - Credit and Collection Officer

An industry old timer, he makes sure that all transactions entered into by the company is legal and accountable. He is in charge of recovering all company receivables and other assets in the time frame prescribed by the company.

LOU GONZAGA – Administrative and Human Resources Coordinatorr

Lou is responsible for the day to day activities involving the office staff. She also ensures that all policies are implemented in line with the company’s values. She is also responsible for updating all government business requirements to ensure smooth business flow.

ARTHUR TOLENTINO – Corporate Graphic Designer

In line with keeping up with new trends in the market, Arthur is responsible for updating all promotional materials to ensure that this is in line with the current trends. He also administers the website to ensure interaction with the company’s target market.