The company was able to secure its Certificate of Incorporation from the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 14, 2008. The Bureau of Food and Drugs approved our License to Operate on August 11, 2008 – LTO No: CDRR-NCR-DI-2872. AMTOL’s main business purpose is to import innovative products that caters mostly to women and children, thus earning it the tag of being a PRO-WOMAN company. AMTOL’s alliance with several renowned distributors including its sister company ALPHAMED enables it to ensure that its products are available where it is needed most.

AMTOL PHARMA IMPORTS together with its sister company is one of the few Filipino companies which is part of the USAID’s GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE; which mobilizes the ideas, efforts and resources of governments, businesses, and civil society by forging public-private alliances to stimulate growth, develop businesses and work forces, address health and environmental issues and expand access to education and technology. The company imports 5 products recently and has plans to import and register 3 more products immediately.

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AMTOL together with its sister company Alphamed is the 1st Global Development Ally of the USAID in asia though the PRISM program. The 1st project involved expanding family planning choices in the Philippines which led to the introduction of NORIFAM and FAMILA 28F in the market. AMTOL/ALPHAMED was given another program because of the success of the first. The project was called ACCESS meaning Access to Contraceptives and Commodities thru Enhanced and Self Sustaining methods. This project focused on making family planning products available in ADPs - Alternative Distribution Points.

To date AMTOL continues to partner with several organizations (IMAP, POGS, AMHOP etc) to give information to women on family planning choices thus earning it the title - PRO-WOMAN.


“AMTOL PHARMA IMPORTS will be a successful pharmaceutical importations and distribution company that aims to provide high quality and innovative products and swift, quality service to our customers.”


“We will be the best in sourcing quality and innovative products that will be sought after by reputable distributors and the medical community thereby delighting our customers and giving fair returns all stakeholders.”

Our Officers & Staff.


Art has been in the industry since 1984, a graduate of BS Biochemistry, his experience as a sales manager from different multinational companies will ensure that the company accomplish its mission and achieve its vision.

TERESITA R. TOLENTINO - Corporate Secretary

With her accounting background, Tess will be in charge of ensuring that the company remains financially stable and adheres to local and international administrative standards.

JOCELYN C. COSGAFA - Trade Pharmacist and Quality Control Officer

Jocelyn is in charge of all regulatory requirements of the company. She makes sure that AMTOLs product pipeline is robust and checks the quality of all products including the companies CGMP etc.

REGINA O. ASEJO - Administrative and HR Officer

Regs is an accountant and is in charge of the daily transactions of AMTOL. She ensures that all government requirements are met and aligns everyone to follow prescribed company policies.

NYMIA T. GOCE - Sales Manager

Nymia is tasked to achieve the sales and revenue targets of the company. Her main task is to create demand and ensure that AMTOLs products are available where it is needed most.

ENRIQUE B. MEJIA - Credit and Collection Officer

An industry old timer, he makes sure that all transactions entered into by the company is legal and accountable. He is in charge of recovering all company receivables and other assets in the time frame prescribed by the company.

ABIGAIL B. DIMALA - Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Abi is in charge of ensuring that product information is downloaded to all stakeholders. She is in charge of activities and vists key customers when needed.